D. Y. Patil Educational Academy

Dr. D Y Patil Educational Academy has become a name synonymous with quality education, appreciated and admired as a frontrunner in the education world. With a long-standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning, the group has nurtured values that go into the making of successful careers. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the group has a chain of over 100 educational institutions. It hasn’t ventured into common streams like science, commerce and arts. In fact, it has gone much beyond that, by venturing into areas like technology, architecture, legal studies, sports academy, management school, hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, agricultural & catering school, etc.
Moreover, Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Academy enjoys academic alliances with overseas universities that help bridge the educational and cultural divide between various countries and our group of institutes. Some of the alliances include those with University at Buffalo, Tufts University, University of Seychelles, University of Central Lancashire and many more. This group of institutes is proud to have not only met but also exceeded the norms set by the Government of India. And this has accorded it the status of Deemed University. This reflects the level of commitment and dedication the group has towards its objective.
Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Academy also deliver sports programs and promote all kinds of sports, the group has build a World Class Sports Complex at an approximate cost of USD 20 million. The Academy will also expose Indian students to innovative programs such as sports medicine, sports psychology, sports Physiology, Sports exercise & nutrition.